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    Hello Bumside.
    There is no way I would give 5k for that boat.
    I am rebuilding a 69 19' cc
    I gave 900 for it with a 175 evinrude missing the foot or lower unit.
    I would help, ... but I'm outside cahrlotte, kinda between concord and albemarle.
    That boat you are looking at is probably foam soaked too. most older (boats are) I have tore 2 apart now.
    If I were a betting man, I'd say water got in around transom bolts and started rot process, and that includes water freezing and bulging and other things.

    If you grab motor by foot or prop area, preferably in raised position and apply force up/down/side/side.. enough to pick boat up as thats what a running motor does kinda... applies massive force. and front of boat rises out water if powered properly.
    but back to tugging on motor. you should see 0 give in the transom area and 0 flex in fiberglass. the whole boat should move. not just that small area. dont let anyone say that bracket gives leverage... that area of the boat should be the most solid as its where everything starts and ends.
    if transom is shot chances are stringers are shot and soaked too and its a total rebuild project, most boats 10-15 years are, some less , some more. my boat limped along and was patched 51 yrs, when I finish it will be good for another 75 easy how I'm doing it.
    you will find a lot times on here guys dont respond, also try iBoats forum. they are great over there.

    keep in touch.
    you find great people in this area.

  • Bumsride
    Thanks I am bringing it home this week. Hopefully there's little to no damage inside the transom. If it's to bad well I will probably take my time and fix it
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