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  • Eddy. all you other guys

    Check this crap out now

    Guys, I am at my wits end with this nightmare, definitive lighting is my fried Jon who has nothing to do with this,.and is being sued as well as Eddy and I.

    Now, I usually would not do much, it is already faxed tot he lawyer, but when you google me, this crap comes up! I need rebuttals..I know, how pathetic that I have to ask, I am literally tearing up with anger right now, to the point that my old ways are coming back, I love all you guys, I treat you all like family, I have never EVER ripped this piece of trash off! I am winning the cases!

    I have had it, ****ING HAD IT! he sues me, fine, he sues my wife, fine...the bastard sues all know how that must make me feel so I will not repeat my feelings about that... Now, above all this, he starta this page on me and a guy who did nothing but help him for free.

    I need you guys, I need you guys to link this link to where ever you go, but tell them who I really am, please guys, I need help, e really is going to ruin my name, I used to not believe he could, but now I thnk he can, he spends his days messing with my life.

    Eddy, I don't know if there should be a link on this site to that, there is no need to jeapordize your possible dismissal, I would not risk that for anything, but you guys, please help me spread the word, I cannot afford tp lose money right now. I am into lawyers for over 35 grand that I did not have.

    Just spread the word is all I ask.

    The reason I hace ot sent you guys anything is that they are requesting everything and I do not want your names anywhere. Trust me, it is better that way..

    Thanks guys. [br]

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    Sorry to see what this p.o.s. is doing. It may cost still more money but there are services that you can hire to remove your name from this type of website- I know reputation defender is one.
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