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    How long can picked meat be in the fridge? Can you freeze it?
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    depends on the crab but fresh cooked crab in the fridge about a week is max, freezes well if you vacuum pack it . otherwise it freezer burns real easy.

    freezing will affect the texture slightly and will make it tougher to use in crabcakes and stuffing where you want it to bind to other ingredients.
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      Thanks bud! My plans are to make some crap dip and homemade pretzels. Smother the pretzel!
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        I usually won't keep crab more then 2 days....either freeze it fresh or eat it...and vacuum bagged is the best to freeze...

        You in OC on the weekends?
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          I don't keep it longer than 4-5 days in the fridge but as said above you can freeze it. Back when I was running my commercial crab license regularly, I froze it all the time. I would be eating Crab Cakes, Crab Imperial and Stuffed Flounder in the middle of the winter.
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            If your having a hard time sourcing blue crab, use snow or king crab.

            It's cheaper, easier to pick and absolutely no difference in taste when in dips or crab cakes.

            We were making crab cakes on the boat one night and couldn't find "cheap" blue crab, all the stores were $18-25 a pound for backfin and claw meat, snow crab was $7.99 a pound and easier to get at any decent market.
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