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Any good Sea Trout recipes?

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  • Any good Sea Trout recipes?

    Caught a nice sized one today. Wasn't really in the mood to clean it, so I tossed him back. A coumorant was under the boat, and nailed him just as I released him. This was a 16 inch long trout. There was no way that bird was eating it. I watched for a while, and saw the bird give up, and the trout was floating on top. So, it was meant to be.

    I brought it home and cleaned it. Head and tail are still on.

    Any great recipes? Prefer to grill it if possible.
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    the way I cook seatrout is to melt butter and add olive oil to a pan and bring it up to temp, place the fillet skin down or skinned side down for a minute, flip and cook for 3 minutes and flip again and cook untill done (usually about another minute or two), then add white wine and parsley to the olive oil and butter mixture and simmer for about a minute at low heat and add flour to thicken it up and use that as a sauce.

    its not grilled, but I like it when its too cold to grill (when im fishing for them) caught a 20" today that I cooked like this earlier

    EDIT: dont use too much of the sauce when you plate it, its a pretty light fish and can be overpowered, just a light drizzle will do.
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