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Eating Critters out of Lake Pontchartrain

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  • Eating Critters out of Lake Pontchartrain

    Ok, this might spark some good debate.

    Sorry those of you who are not from the area but this is an important local issue.

    I have neighbors who are catching a bunch of fat crabs and eating them every Sat night. I have declined their invitation to eat the crabs thus far because I think they are contaminated. Crabs are bottom feeders & probably suck up much of the sludge. I go over & have a few beers, but do not eat the seafood, potatoes, etc.

    Shrimp are pretty easily found. Reds, Specs, Flounders, Etc are there to be caught.

    Speck-Taclar you caught some beautiful fish in the Rigolets. Did you eat them? And by the way, you need to share your " Honey Holes" !!!!

    I want to go fishing & eat a few of them but I question if the fish are edible with no long term effects.

    Don Dubuc had an article in the Sunday Slidell Snooze Paper that essentially said that different agencies have tested the water in Lake Pontchartrain & said it was at levels good enough for swimming.

    We are all aware of the toxic sludge( human waste,petrochemical waste from all of the cars,trucks, and streets, heavy metal residue, and overall "bad stuff") that was pumped out of Noo Awlens via the 17th street canal, London Ave canal, Etc.

    The lake "purges" itself through the Industrial Canal, Chef, and the Rigolets through the tidal flow.

    My gut tells me that the fish, crabs, & shrimp have absorbed this krap through their bodies and are therefore somewhat "toxic".

    I also understand that the amount that they absorbe is proportional to their relative size. When humans eat them, the proportional level of toxcitity may be samll, but I feel that the toxins still may still be at a level harmful to humans. It make take a few years for the effects to be realized, but they are there.

    Sorry for the long post but it was needed to lay out the situation.

    OK guys, tell me what you think. PLEASE inform me - especially if you think I am wrong.

    Thanks for comments

    Dan[br]Pass Christian, Ms[br](currently in Slidell, La since that little thunderstorm in 05!)

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    Well, the bad news is we haven't had much rain to help cleanse the area since the storms, but the good news is that most of the worst harmful bacterium is killed by salt water and UV light (which we've had alot of lately). Most of the chemicals will disperse and/or break down quickly.

    It likely won't take years, but mearly months since the lake area was fairly healthy before. Nature is resilient.

    Caution is good, but the occassional meal on these delicacies probably won't hurt a thing. Though, dining daily could be risky.

    This is my opinion, but is based on somewhat of a background between microbiology and chemistry. The news has had differing reviews based on EPA findings, but that's mainly what the media puts out. The actual test results can be found at However, you may also want to check out the Centers for Disease Control site: The CDC seems to have a few hurricane links too.

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      Eat abd enjoy!!!We all have cancer its just a matter of will it kill us before we die some other way!!!Besides,,the way we are treating our habitat well be lucky to get a few more years!!![:u][:u](Thousand???)
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        Here in Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife monitors fish from bodies of waters for dangerous stuff, e.g. heavy metals (mercury), dioxin, etc. I don't know if Louisiana has a similar state organization doing that but I would stay clear of fish caught locally until the fish have been tested. For example, I was reading the Parks and Wildlife web site and they basically said you shouldn't consume ANY Kingfish over 43" caught in texas waters because of mercury levels, 37 - 43" was one 8 oz. serving per week (or something like that, and you can eat all you want from 27" - 37". Problem with heavy metals, they NEVER leave the body, they get stored in the kidneys, once your kidneys are gone it's transplant time. Something to think about. By the way, I wouldn't trust the EPA as far as I can throw them under the current administration - most of the employees their with integrity have resigned ...
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          Originally posted by corpuscruiser

          For example, I was reading the Parks and Wildlife web site and they basically said you shouldn't consume ANY Kingfish over 43" caught in texas waters because of mercury levels

          that's probably a good thing since my ice box is only 42". Kidding aside as far as heavy metels (i.e. ercury) I was under the thought that fish don't just absorb mercury over-night. Instead they get it over a long period of time from eating other fish that have picked up small traces, hence the nothing over 43" rule. Those fish have lived long enough to eat a crap load of other smaller fish with small concentrations in them. Similar to baracuda and sagimaganateria or what ever it's called. BTW, small baracuda are absolutely delicious, delicious, delicious, delicious.... ummmm who am I and how did I get here????
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            I have been eating the fish from the lake with well ,,other then glowing poo poo, no ill effects. The lake has to flush pretty often with the tides and lives to short to worry about some things anyway and you will love those fresh fish. We might be able to make a trip out into the lake as long as I am out of my real work (charter fishing) rigolets in the pimp skiff is the only fix I can get.
            Slidell, La


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              Speaking of flushing pretty well, my neighbor did say his poo kinda looked like a glow stick!!
              Dan[br]Pass Christian, Ms[br](currently in Slidell, La since that little thunderstorm in 05!)


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                I'm gonna give it a few more months before I eat anything from there... Thats not a problem anyway. It takes 2 essential items to harvest seafood from the Lake... #1 Spare Time and #2 A boat.... I have neither![xx(]
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                  Thought this article looked appropriate for this thread.

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                    Thanks for the info. I clicked on the link at the bottom of the article - NOAA Hurricane Katrina Enviornmental Impacts & there are a bunch of related articles.



                    PS Thanks again for fixing the chair saw. Works great & have used it a bunch.
                    Dan[br]Pass Christian, Ms[br](currently in Slidell, La since that little thunderstorm in 05!)


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                      No problem...........what happened with your boat?
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                        Still sitting in the front yard. Had a marine surveyor look at it & he totalled the boat and motor. I sent his survey to the insurance company & they have agreed to pay off on the policy. No check yet. They also said that I could keep title - that way salvage is my problem.

                        I would like to sell the hull - fibrerglass work needed is way beyond my lack of ability. A couple of people have asked me about it. I don't know what it is worth.

                        Are you interested? You did a bunch of fiberglass work to yours.

                        Dan[br]Pass Christian, Ms[br](currently in Slidell, La since that little thunderstorm in 05!)


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                          I think I have too many projects right now to take on another one but if you email me I can get you in touch with someone who still lives on the coast and enjoys doing fiberglass work.
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