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Hot water baseboard heating problem

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  • Hot water baseboard heating problem

    Wondering if there are any HVAC guys or plumbers out there. I have a new (5 year old) gas fired high efficiency boiler. It runs a total of 5 zones, which include a hot water heater, 3 "house" zones and a zone for a glass conservatory which is notoriously bad at keeping heat in. The conservatory calls for heat a lot. The other 3 house zones always seem to be getting too much heat. For example, all 3 stats are set to 64 at night, last night at 3 am those zones were 72, 70 and 74 degrees. Baseboards in each zone ranged form hot to warm, none were cold even though none of those zones should have been calling for heat. House is a ranch. I checked the honeywell zone valve controllers and all three had tension on the spring loaded manual override switch. I had the company that installed the system out last week and they said we cannot replicate the problem. Any ideas of where to turn to diagnose this problem? Could all of the plumbing valves internally actually go bad? I know they just have plastic valves inside. Thanks.

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    I would first check that the zone valves are operating correctly and are closed if zone stats are not calling for heat. Are there manual shut off valves to isolate each zone? Manually check indeed and discharge pipes to determine if zone valves are closed so there temperature difference can be determined. If you have access to infrared gun you should be able to determine if isolation valves are operating and are closed. You mentioned the company that installed the system couldn't replicate the problem. Does system have a bladder valve for thermal extpansion? Has the system been air purged? Are there pressure gauges to monitor line pressures?
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      Try changing out zone valves with Taco valves. I turned a 2 bdrm 1 bath bungalow w/ radiators into a 5 bdrm 3 bath 2 story w/ 4 zone h/w baseboard. Father-in-law designed with 4 Taco zone valves & one circulator pump.

      In 25 years have only had to replace 1 zone valve "head". No soldering, just twists off.
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