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  • Truck engine block heater

    Looking for some insight, I just purchased a used 2016 Ford F150 with the 3.5 liter ecoboost, twin turbos. It has a factory installed engine block heater ( I know many have been recalled, I'm taking it to a ford dealer tomorrow). I have never owned a vehicle with a block heater. I live in NJ, so my winter mornings are typically between 20-35 degrees. Aside from the heat coming on faster, is there any significant benefit to the engine from using the heater? I basically have a 7 minute drive on some back roads before I get to the highway. Wondering if the warmed oil will really save any significant wear and tear? Thanks.

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    I can't comment on block heaters, but I'm a firm believer in letting an engine warm up. I just moved and just my drive from 30 minutes to five and without warming up my engine it doesn't reach full operating temperature so I use the remote start to get it warmed up before going to work. Putting a cold engine under stress is a killer and I dont' get on the gas if the engine is cold and my last two trucks have made it to 230k miles without any major engine issues...but I drive GM products. [][8D][][]
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      I lived in Lake Tahoe, 7000' elevation with a couple winters that went up to 22 feet of snow. Yes, block heaters are a great benefit in getting the engine started with oil circulation versus a sticky globulous goo trying to circulate through the oiling system. The friction and wear and tear on bearings without adequate oil flow is a killer.

      ALL my vehicles in the mountains had block heaters. In the old days, my dad would set a 60w light bulb and turn it on next to the block of our International, just to get it to start in the mornings...
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