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    Hi, looking for advice as I need to upgrade my 30 gallon air compressor and was wondering what would be something good to spray boats, cars, use air tools such as sanders, sand blasting small parts etc... Ideally I would like to go 80 gallons for the extra capacity but I noticed the price difference is huge. A 60 gallon air compressor is around $550 and a 80 gallon is over $1K. I just started doing research about single and 2 stage and it looks like I can get away with single but it looks like 2 stage is better anyway.

    Brand suggestions is welcome, would like to stay in about $1K if it is a 2 stage 80 gallon compressor.

    #8203;#8203;#8203;#8203;#8203;#8203;#8203;Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Wish I could help you. I have a 60 gallon craftsman. Ive sprayed awlgrip on some hatches with an HLV sprayer and had no concerns but im less than a rookie lol
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      I'm with brandon, but I would keep an eye out on CL and FB marketplace for a good used one.
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        I have owned single and two stage. Flat out two stag all day long! In addition watch the cfm rating at 90psi and greater. Air tools will eat the air and so will a descent high volume spray unit.

        Friend of mine bought this one three years ago all the while I was making fun of him! I have used the air compressor and for $799 its a BEAST! I would not hesitate to buy one and they run $50 bucks off every now an then. Just my $0.02
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          Heres something to consider. Most air compressors arent running every minute. But the VOLUME of air storage is important. Even large volume consumption tools (grinder, sprayer, cutting, impact wrench) dont get used more than just a few minutes at a time.

          I got with my plumber and he gave me two 60 gal water heaters that he removed and replaced for customers. He would have to PAY to dispose of them. So I was doing him a favor.

          I mounted them in the attic of my garage and ran CPVC from each to my compressor. I installed a back check valve and a quick disconnect coupling. The water heater tanks are rated at 150psi but I keep my compressor set at 120psi. Therefore, I have 150 (30+60+60) gallons @ 120psi capacity. I have NEVER had to wait on my compressor to catch up with me.

          Two free tanks plus a few parts is a LOT cheaper than a new $1k compressor.
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            I use my little 30 gallon, 2HP, 5.9cfm, oiled pump for small demand items like ratchets and impacts, and grinders. I have sprayed my boats and smaller projects, but the pump can't keep up.

            CFM is important. No matter how many reserve gallons you have, if the pump can't keep up, eventually any amount of gallon reserve will run out.

            If I use the blast cabinet, sand blaster or sanders, I fire up the gas powered, 30 gallon, 18CFM, i have plumbed into my air system. The whole system is on 1/2" line. With that amount of cfm, theres hardley any need for a big tank.

            If I could do it all over again, i'd look into the Scroll type compressors. They're small, quiet, and huge volume. of course, checking now, it appears they're gone up 40% in price..

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              I would use the small one for little things and get an electric DA. Unless you have a decent 2stage they never keep up with the sanders.


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                The best advice above is find a good used quality machine, make sure its single phase electric, and preferably 2 stage pump. 60 gallon or more, with around a 3-5 horse motor. Then you will have every bit of air you will ever need, and your grandson may even get to use it some day....A good compressor runs at a slower speed and thus makes less heat and will last way longer...look for motor speed of 1750rpms
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