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  • Archery season

    man hunting with a compound bow can be so awesome and rewarding and so aggravating other times. The times it all comes together is like BAM! Tonight was not one of those nights.

    had a chance at a very nice 8 point tonight. He ran down the side of a big ravine and came up and walked in fast. Coming straight on. he was in some cover but close so I glassed him to see if he was legal. Bad mistake. He stepped right out and there was no mistaking how big he was. That cost me precious time.

    If he went up hill I had more trees hiding his head but he decided to stay on a down hill path but right at me. I made the decision to try and get drawed back and bust him first chance. He was already in tight. As soon as I peaked out for a shot game over because he was glued. #128542;

    I was on the ground in a new spot. Figured I would stand here and see if I could pattern these deer
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    A wise old hunter once told me, you never forget the ones that got away.
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