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  • Hurricane Michael

    I'm heading over to Panama City with my bbq team to feed people. I'm coming from New Orleans. If yall are in the area and know of people in need of food, please let me know. nolarefugee at g mail dot com

    Here's our website, we're on FB too.

    If you live in between nola and Panama City and have any in kind donations you would like us to bring, please let me know. We are taking a toy hauler type of camper and intend on leaving it over there and have guys go back and forth to nola.

    Not sure where exactly we're gonna setup yet, but we're leaving today or early Tuesday 10/16.

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    Kudos to you!
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      I was over in Lynn Haven on Saturday and it is very bad. Every tree is snapped in half and at least 95% of all the power lines are laying on the ground. With a trailer you will need to stay on the main roads or you might get stuck. The neighborhoods are mainly one way streets due to the debris. Panama City is getting a ton of help which is awesome. Don't overlook points farther east and north. Good luck and thank you for your efforts!
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        Hats off to you, it's a great thing you're doing. I clicked on your link to make a small donation, thanks for your compassion.


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          I'm writing this from the road actually speaking into my phone. The trailer that was loaned to us as a three axle trailer. All the tires need to be replaced. I found that out last night while entering Alabama. Spent the night at the rest stop the Welcome Center rest stop.


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            I was able to find two tires last night and got them installed. I got four more this morning.


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              Having some issues posting from my phone, sorry about the multi posts....


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                And a fella that was staying next to us last night at the rest stop gave me two unmounted tires to take with me got one of those mounted on the spare. Eastbound & Down now just got into Florida making my way over to hopefully Mexico Beach area. The tires were from 2005.


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                  Keep us posted
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                    As far as spare tires are concerned, sounds like you're sorted out now, but keep in mind, trailer tires mounted on rims can be found in various sizes at places like Walmart or Tractor supply, I bet Home Depot or Lowes probably carries them as well. There's been a few times that those stores have come in handy late at night when there wasn't an other option aside form waiting for a tire shop to open in the morning.


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                      UPDATE: We ended up going to a Frimet to Z auto repair on the western side of PCB. Mike, the owner, let us stay in the back of his shop. He had a 50 amp hookup and water for the camper. We cooked there for a solid day and a half. Cooked a huge gumbo and then red beans. We were given a place in Callaway FL called High Praise church. So after cooking and cooling down our food, we drove over there. 20ish miles and it took nearly 2 hours.

                      We got there and they had plenty of room for us, we setup and served thousands of people over the next three or four days. Red beans and rice, then gumbo the next day. Ran out of those, then threw together a chicken and rice dish. Also had a large grill which we had a griddle on top of to make quesadillas. After the chicken and rice was gone, we cranked out hundreds of chicken and cheese quesadillas.

                      The folks there were very grateful. Had been eating MREs and hot dogs. A team called Holy Smokes was there cooking pork and doing a great job.

                      We made it back home in one piece. The next week we went for two days. This time we cooked the food before we left nola. Same menu but different church. This time we went to St Dominic, which was just north a little from where we were. The previous location had been turned into a fema distribution center.

                      Again the folks were grateful and happy to get something good to eat. A lot of the people still don't have power and a good hot meal can really lift the spirits.

                      We're planning another trip, but may have to wait till Thanksgiving break. May take the kids so they can experience serving others like this, it was a rewarding experience.

                      Thank you to those that have donated.


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                        Well done...It makes me so proud to see your support....

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                          Originally posted by michigan dave

                          Well done...It makes me so proud to see your support....


                          Ditto... Well done indeed...
                          Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]


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                            We are currently planning our third trip to coincide with Thanksgiving break so our children can take part in the experience.

                            We have received monetary donations to help pay for our cooking supplies and fuel to make the trip. We have also received in kind donations that we deliver to distribution centers in the hardest hit areas.

                            If you live in New Orleans or along the route to PCB, let me know if you have items you would like to donate. Email me - nolarefugee at gmail dot com

                            Connect with us:



                            Deswine Intervention is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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                              UPDATE: The Monday before Thanksgiving, I ended up taking my three kids and a uhaul 12ft enclosed trailer over to Springfield FL. Cooked and served a lot of folks over there. Kids (aged 12, 12, 15) did great cooking and serving people. Great experience for them.

                              We are thinking of a Christmas break trip over for a few days.

                              Thank you to all who donated to help with fuel and food costs, much appreciated.