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Fiberglass Resin Issues...

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  • Fiberglass Resin Issues...

    Just curious what may have happened to my polyurethane resin...

    I buy 5 gallon buckets at a time from fiberglass Florida, the last two buckets have had the resin start to turn to a gel before I can use it all. Anyone have this issue or know what may have happened? I did take a month and a half break from using it and came back to at least a gallon that gelled leaving about two gallons usable. I just pour it through a paint strainer to separate the gel from the usable resin...
    Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI

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    As far as I know resing has about 2 years shelf life, I wonder if they sold you old resin!!!! If you keep it in a hot storage i would think it it would last even less. I try to keep it in my garage just for that reason.
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      More than likely its old.
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        I've seen resin do this but it was several years old. Keeping it in a cool place will slow it's death.
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          It must be the heat, I have to keep the resin stored in the Flammable Locker in the woodshop where there is no temperature control. The resin is less than a year old. I was worried I may have contaminated it somehow.
          Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI


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            Add styrene to it and use it.