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  • Nice Try!

    Sold my old motor on the Grady on Saturday. I get the motor off the boat and on to the guys trailer. He hands me the money and immediately starts trying to distract me. He wanted to buy the batteries off the boat as well. I told him $20 and they are yours. Guy rips off a 20 deal done. Meanwhile, I had given the motor money to my little brother to count. He comes back and tells me the guy is $100 short. Ugh!

    The guy makes a fake phone call. Why was it fake? His GPS started spitting out directions. Tells me his kid took $100. Opens his wallet----How much does he have? $80! Hmm...$80 + $20----I'm sure it just worked out that way guy!

    Now time to REPOWER!

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    'Florida man' strikes a again
    Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]