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Any FORD techs out there??

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  • muzzy1127
    really need to get a good scanner. Any ABS fault will cause that, where did you get power from?

    did you yank on any speed sensors?

    Check ALL fuses?

    Any good scanner will tell you the codes. Most likely you unplugged a speed sensor or took 12v from one of them changing the resistance the ABS module needs to see on the circuit.

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  • BlueCrab
    started a topic Any FORD techs out there??

    Any FORD techs out there??

    I have a 2011 F150 5.0L that I was trying to install an air compressor on to use with my air bags.

    I was trying to find a power source that is only hot when engine is on and somehow I think I Fd something up.

    Now my Advancetrac warning is on the screen as well as my parking brake light, ABS Light, and the traction light (car with the skidding tires) won't go off.

    Any help would be appreciated