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  • Trailer axle question

    Guys - I'm a bit out of my league here. I have a 2006 Wells Cargo Landscape Trailer that I purchased used to use for storage for a year or two while I rebuild a house. Turns out it has either a seriously bent spindle or torsion arm. Getting in touch with Wells cargo has been very difficult, no dealer has been able to help, all have referred me to the head office. So far I have confirmed it is a Dexter axle and it does not have replaceable spindles or torsion arms.

    Wells finally responded to an email inquiring about the axle with the following:

    Part No. 0305001 - AXLE,#11 TORFLEX,12A-50DP-6SE102 OB=72.00,RC=5000,HF=93.00 BRKAXL,12X2,ELEC,33"LEADS,FLG-EZLUBE 2.250SEAL,6-5.50,H-D,1/2-20STUD,6"ARM 10UP,HP-STD (I) SIDEMT HGRS,WHL NUTS WIRING,WELLSCARGO **STENCIL 12A-50DP-6SE102** **H-D 008-201-05,BRK 023-357/358-00**

    I'm pretty sure the part number is the Wells cargo part number, but have no idea what most of the rest of this means. If anyone can decipher this and tell me what load rating the axle is, what length, distance between hubs or any other nuggets of info are in that description, I'd be really grateful. I think ordering the axle means at least a 3 week wait, and I kind of need to move the trailer before that, so I'd be open to an axle from a different manufacture if I could bolt it on. The current axle has flanges, like "L" brackets, that match up with flanges on the frame, and bolts directly to the frame, not held in place by U-bolts or anything, so it aligns automatically I guess.

    Thanks in advance.

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    call around to your local welding shops and inquire if they can make you a new axle. You will need to bring your old one to them for a pattern. It is the smoothest way I have found to get an exact replacement axle. It might take a few phone calls but someone will reference you to the right shop that can get it done right...

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      From what I see there, it is a #11 Torflex.

      Maybe locate a Dexter distributor from the Dexter website?
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        FLG-EZLUBE 2.250SEAL,6-5.50,H-D,1/2-20STUD

        This is your hub size- 6 Lug on a 5.5" pattern
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          Originally posted by radioman

          From what I see there, it is a #11 Torflex.

          Maybe locate a Dexter distributor from the Dexter website?

          Call Dexter, I found them to be a great help when I was locating an axle for a trailer and they knew which model based on the company they sold to. On another trailer, I found the axle was custom made and only sold thru the trailer company, so it's a hit or miss.

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            I have been in touch with Dexter, they have been helpful, but they cannot guarantee that the axle they think I need is right. I guess I'm going to have to take the 6 hour round trip and see if I can get a serial number off the axle. Thanks for your help.