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I spent Valentines in the Dog House.....

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  • I spent Valentines in the Dog House.....

    So yesterday I was trying to think of something romantic to say to Brenda to make her I said to her....

    Brenda I love you all the way to the Moon and back....(figured I had it nailed as i see this all the time on Facebook)

    So she smiled and said that's nice....but that phrase is so overused....So..I am thinking of someplace further away...

    Brenda....I love you all the way to Uranus and back.......

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    You still got it Dave![]


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      You see, I went to the store with my 13 year old daughter and bought my wife (Susan) a live orchad (she likes living plants), 3 expensive chocolate bars, 2 boxes of flavored tea, an ovocado tool, 2 avacados, some sugarless candies, and a funny card. What she really liked was that our daughter (Jenna) and I joined her playing music at church Wed evening (I have been giving Jenna guitar lessons) while she played piano. Susan said it had been one of her dreams to have the family do music together. Now back to Lake Sammamish in WA for more cut throat trout fishing.....
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        After years of prepping, I went for a risky move. No card, no candy, no plan, nothing. All was good till late in the day when I found the dreaded hidden card she had for me, there were a few grumbles but it passed, new paradigm!
        David, New Kent, Va

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          She works nights. I work days. I've gotten lucky so far. Tonight the bell tolls.
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            Sorry Dave but mine was easy...

            My wife is a vinyl record collector, so I can get her pretty much anything on vinyl. I bought her an album she has been eyeing up and I got her 3 45's that Hallmark passed as greeting cards from the kids and a T-shirt that said "Vinyl Junkie"

            Happy wife= Happy life
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