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  • Vintage Motorcross CR125

    I rode motorcross when I was back in high school and the RM125 was king in 81-83 and bumped out in 1984 by Honda. I always loved the look of the older bikes and never thought of buying one until I heard of one for free (thank you Weir Mako 21). The story is the owner had the bike and scuffed a piston, so he bought all the parts and brought the cylinder down to the machine shop. They guy there looked at the +0.010" piston and said with the scoring he needed at least +0.040" piston, so the bike project was put in his shed for many, many years. He's now moving and needed to clean up and the bike was in many pieces, tires dry rotted and flat, suspension seals leaking and it goes on, so I rescued the bike.

    Rolling frame.

    Stripped to bare frame, sandblasted, epoxy primed and topped with acrylic urethane.

    Parts all cleaned and ready for install.

    Rebuilt the forks and had to grab a new rear shock.

    Assembly starting.

    Almost done, need to install chain, oil, antifreeze and fire it up.

    I'll register in NH as antique and get a lifetime registration. My intent is to ride it a couple times a year, but it will serve more as garage art and I may let the local Honda dealer add it to his collection of vintage bikes on display. He already has another bike on display that I restored.

    I've now started on an XR250R that my son purchased and back to sandblast and painting so we can assemble his new bike.

    The kicker in this story is, I sent the cylinder out for boring with the +0.010" piston and the machine shop was able to bore it with no issue. Had the first machine shop not screwed up with the previous owner, I would never have the bike today.[]

    Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler

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    Very nice restoration.Like old cars,there's just something about the looks of those old bikes that can't be replicated today.
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      awesome work as usual Dave, musta slipped parts cleaning in the kitchen by the wifey somehow[]
      David, New Kent, Va[br]

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        Looking good

        Still have my '77 TT-500, and need to get off my donkey and get the engine apart as it's developed a light knocking, which I'm thinking is likely a cracked piston skirt, but won't know until I get it torn down.
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