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  • Super Bowl

    Here's some inspirational music for this weekend []

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    I have seen many renditions of this pic, and always wondered what was up with Dallas? Thought maybe it was because of Brady. I asked a girl in the office, guess I could have asked Marc [], but she said he's a CA boy who played at Michigan. I always thought the Redskins (not sure I can say that anymore) were the biggest Dallas rival, but guess they've been replaced by Eagles? Is Dallas good enough to consider anyone a rival anymore?

    Anyway...I guess I watch for the commercials.
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      Cute little ditty, but for some reason, I missed the game shots where they played the NY GIANTS.

      Oh, that's right, ne didn't win those games.
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        We will give you those two wins. Some clutch plays at the end when it Counted. However you NY fans defiantly know how lonely those Monday mornings are after losing week in and week out.

        Keep living in the past (11 & 7) years ago. That is why NE keeps winning. We don't celebrate that long.
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          Dave [br]Woodbury Heights, NJ[br]\'73 Mako 20[br]\'85 Mako 254[br][br]


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            I've seen that picture before. Unlike a lot of you, New Englanders my age have endured almost three decades of the Patriots being perpetual cellar dwellers and listened to the subtle yet smarmy derision and disdain of the team by the national sports media. Therefore, I'm not shy about saying that I've rather enjoyed the last 17 years.
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              Dilly Dilly
              John[br]Gloucester, MA[br]1993 Mako 221B. [br]