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Powder Coated T-Tops question

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  • Powder Coated T-Tops question

    I've never had a powder coating pretty much on anything. I'm wondering, if you have a T-Top that was factory powder coated, and you want to weld some additional rod holders to it, is it possible and how does it generally look if you try to re-powder coat it? I'm assuming you'd have to grind off the coating where you want to attach, but then does the heat ruin the coating near where you weld?

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    I did my t-top 12 years ago and welded before powercoating. I'm not sure how it would come out welding a top and touching up the powercoating. Never tried re-baking already baked powercoat and do not know how it bonds (melts) with the new material.

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      powder coating will not touch-up like paint. most shops will want to sand blast and recoat the the entire top. sandblasting is the cheapest part of the job.
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        Ok, thanks for the replies, I guess the only choice would be to add some bolt on rod holders. Great info, much appreciated.