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  • Titling a boat suggestion

    Hi guys, i bought a 1986 mini race boat from a guy in Maryland but i didn't get the paperwork and there is no way i would be able to register the boat in SC . I was told by someone that I can go through Mississippi even if I'm not a resident (I can't understand how but) and register the boat easily but I haven't been able to find out how, does anyone know how can it be done?

    It seems that the boat hasn't been registered for a long time, it was previously registered in VA, its just 13' in length if that makes any difference.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Wow. And I thought I had it rough.
    Right up front I don't have any answers, But I have questions and can tell you my woes in NC.
    did you have the boat hauled or moved by a vender and the paperwork didn't show with the boat.

    I drove to upstate NY 1500-1600 miles round trip I Left Wed night and was back in Charlotte 2pm Friday.
    I had called wildlife (before I decided to purchase)... here who governs vessels..... But NCDMV handles trailers is the nutty part, and getting DMV on phone is not happening.. However I did get right through to NYDMV.
    NC is a notary state... Ny only had transferable registrations issued for boat of that age (1969) and thats all the seller had.
    I got the seller to find a notary 1 town away (that took some doing) From what I was told you just need bill sale in ny and not fully sure its "notary" required according to my seller.
    But I insisted we have everything notarized for here.
    Now this is where I screwed up.
    The seller wrote out a bill of sale for vessel AND trailer. no hull numbers in 69 is what I'm finding out so thats another hurtle to jump in NC..
    Get back to NC and NCDMV wants an original "notarized" bill of sale AND NC Wildlife wants a ORIGINAL "bill sale" "notarized"
    I have 1 ! with both on same. and 1 purchase dollar value for both thats extremely low. the trailer alone is worth my purchase amount. So... Now both have to book value each as they don't have amount X for vessel and amount Y for trailer.
    And last time I checked you can't duplicate an original notarized anything and call it "original". So fun, FUN, FUN.
    Lucky for me my seller said she would get whatever I needed.

    I wonder about the nightmares people get buying things like "BoatAngel" auctions, and you pay like $300-$400 for titling out state to all the states that you could imagine. AND you never meet or talk to original owner.. So there has to be a way people get legal paperwork through.... 1 ONE Would Think.?!
    And with the auction thing you could have deceased owners who wouldn't sign anyway or vessels that have been obtained several times and 0 paperwork, so say a guy buys and no paperwork, he sells for parts only, no paper work. this guy then dies, just saying.. his kids want it gone from storage yard and donate it. What kind %&#@ed mess is that paperwork. and 6 states away.?
    And thats just 1 thought. "CNARIO" imagine all the other twists and turns that could be thrown in including theft or just abandoned, left behind from renters that got it for a case of beer or less..
    And buyers are clueless and have very few ways to investigate said problems.

    Hopefully we will hear some helpful info.

    I just gave a long story of useless information, not intentionally ... just sharing my situation and blunders.
    good day to all
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      I don't have a solution to your titling issue, but will add... I was going to purchase a 15ft ski boat out of Canada above Seattle WA. The seller did not have a title to the boat, and could not get one. Unfortunately, the boarder patrol on the USA side would not allow the boat to cross the boarder unless I had the paperwork in hand. Needless to say, I purchased the Mako 15 instead. It was already in WA, and had all required paperwork.

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