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Sometimes you are dealt a raw deal and then something like this melts you.....

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  • Sometimes you are dealt a raw deal and then something like this melts you.....

    Over the past 2+ months my energy/motivation level has been decreasing, but slow enough so I was able to make excuses and blame it on being shut in due to Covid-19. Well by Monday (May 4th) it was so low I knew I couldn't make anymore excused and visited the doctor. A quick chest X-ray showed a dark area, so they ordered a CT scan and bloodwork and then the results came back, I was rushed to Mass General and on the Oncology floor with an AML Luekemia diagnosis in a matter of hours.

    With the Covid-19 lockdown at the hospital, the closest I'll be to my family over the next 45 - 60 days is through Facetime and I'm being prepped all week to get me strong enough to start treatment. For me it's just been a bad week with no upside, yet the support has been overwhelming and the brightspot for me to focus my thoughts.

    Well, yesterday (May 9th) a good friend texted me a link to a YouTube vid and I started watching it. It appeared to be boat ops of the Coast Guard MLB 47' in the harbor I keep my boats, but at min 1:20 I immediately melted into my bed with the sign the Commanding Officer of CG Station Gloucester held up on the bow of the 47' MLB. The vid ended with a pic of my family and the flag they flew will be delivered to my home tomorrow.

    A little on my friend - he's the Coxswain at station Gloucester and when he brought this idea up everyone jumped on and wanted to be a part of it. I was stationed there back in 1990 and will be heading there sometime later this summer (post successful treatment) to personally thank the Commanding Officer and tell him the impact it made on me.

    No matter what cards you are dealt, it's stuff like this that makes the journey easier to enter.

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    Wishing you the best for a speedy and full recovery. Wife went through Breast Cancer last year, its a tough journey, only made tougher by the external challenges we have today. Keep on keeping on, try to check in as you can, a lot of folks you've met, and more you've never met (but will some day!) are pulling for you. And thank you for sharing, although some how that video must have let dust in to my house as my eyes are a little itchy...

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      Mr. Dave, That was heart melting for sure. You will be in our prayers and in our thoughts. You have made an incredible impact here. Your advice, insight, and most of all your detailed work with great temperament, sets the bar high for us enjoying your posts. Seeing how much you enjoy spending time with your family, you have a strong support network.
      I truly appreciate your contribution, service and sacrifice!
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        Godspeed and guidance I send to you as you navigate your way to recovery....get well soon Dave.

        Thoughts and prayers sent...

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          Dave, you know you've got the Ring family in your corner! Stay strong.
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            Obviously you've also made a very positive impression on many outside our little world here on CM. I can only second all of the comments above.

            I have a friend who about 18-20 months ago, @ age 73 was diagnosed with this very disease. She made a full recovery, and got a full head of very curly silver-blue hair in the bargain. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts & prayers for a speedy & full recovery.
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              Wow Dave! I just discovered Classic Mako was back up yesterday...Sorry to hear of the illness. Hopefully tumor genetics will be favorable for a long term remission/cure. Thankfully medicine has come a long way. What a moving tribute from our boys in blue! If I remember correctly weren't you a LORANIMAL from Iwo Jima also? Anyhow, stay strong! Prayers from North Carolina!

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                Dave...BEST TO YOU!!! Had leukemia for 4 years and although my white cells are escalated everything else appears to be good and I feel okay take it one day at a time keep fishing and I enjoyed our lives send me the best6


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                  Arrived Mass General Boston May 5th and started the chemo regime the following Monday. The chemo wasn't that bad as each day it was building in my system. Yes, it did some funky things, but when I was taken off chemo, that's when it really took it's toll with all the unpleasent things. That lasted about a week and now it's all about getting stronger by the day and by next week my immune system should have "rebooted" itself and started with red, white cells and platelets.

                  With cancer I've always thought it was a longer process of chemo and a rest week, followed with more chemo for several rounds, but that's when they have the luxury of shrinking a tumor, with luekemia there's no tumor and they are looking for a fast and furious kill of the cancer and dose accordingly. Lesson learned for me.

                  I'm on the good side with no cancer detected in my bone marrow biopsies so another week to get my levels where they want and IU go home and can see my famuily in person for the first time in a month.

                  What a ride this has been and more to go with check ups and more biopsies to make sure I'm still on the right path. Cured is 3 years out as statisitically the cancer isn't coming back after that period of time.

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                    Dave, glad to hear, I was checking here daily for your update.


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                      Haven't been on the site in ages and just learned of this. Best wishes to you and your family.


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                        As with all the others I am sad with the news but very hopeful of a full recovery.....Something like this really hits home when its someone who's strong, vibrant, and in their peak of their game....Were all pulling for you Friend.....Semper Paratus.....
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                          What a great show of support in that video. You are truly loved.

                          Through similar hard times endured by family and friends, we adopted the philosophy “Make the bad days a little better, and make the good days GREAT!”

                          Praying for healing and support for you and your family.
                          “On the days where I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”

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                            Update 6-18.

                            Was released June 9th with general precautions of staying away from "risk" areas from Covid, not coming in contact with soil or animal feces due to bacterial or germs since I had a weaken immune system. I asked the doctor about restrictions around the house as for lifting or doing projects and was told my body would tell me when I'm trying to do too much, so not even 18 hours from release, I went to NH and grabbed the Mako and prepped for water - washed, compounded and waxed and went through it. I did move a bit slower and tood breaks, but most importantly had to cover up from the sun since the chemo made my since very light sensitive.

                            So, a week later I'm about 95% and just had a follow up appt yesterday and thing looks great. There will be additional chemo (up to 5 rounds) and possible bone marrow transplant (100% donor match found), but it will be a treatment and test regime that could be cut short based on testing. I'm already thinking it will be short based on iniitial feedback but will wait an see. Treatment will be on a lesser scale of 5 days in the hospital and 2 weeks home, this time with only 1 chemo drug, not the 3 intense ones from the initial treatment.

                            Overall I feel good and better than I ever thought I would, so it's time to enjoy summer and get my life back in order. It will be mid fall before I return to work based on what I'm told.

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                              I love hearing good news. You still have a ways to go it sounds like but I am very pleased to hear the first round went well and you are feeling better. Keep up the fight and knock the snot out of it!

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