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King Mackerel consumption

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  • King Mackerel consumption

    Not to spoil anyone's king fishing, but I came across this on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and thought it may be of interest (scroll down to Gulf of Mexico).

    There is a health advisory for consuming kings bigger than 43", i.e. don't (mercury)!! Although this applies to Texas coastal waters, I'm not sure that it doesn't apply to the rest of the gulf. I haven't looked for similar advisories in other states bordering the gulf so I don't know if it is specific to Texas coastal waters, but I'm pretty sure that Kings can't read a map and there's no border patrol - [] Anyway, one can decide for oneself but mercury (and other heavy metals) never leave the body ...
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    Studies show that most of the bad stuff is stored in the belly part.

    If you see my belly, you'd understand.

    Most fish I am accustomed to get that belly flap/section cut off, chum or chunks for bait. Even freshwater Rainbow Trout.

    I'd say if it glows, you may have a problem.

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