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Fun Fish Story about Dad

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  • Fun Fish Story about Dad

    Recently the kids and I went backwater fishing in the tampa bay area...rattle snake island to be specific. It is always a competition when the kids and I get on the boat for bragging rights!

    We decide to fish some mango trees and see what we can stir up. I am throwing clauseer intruders on a 8wt fly line. My son Garrett, is feeling pretty lazy and has a bobber in the water with a free lined greenback swimming around and Taylor, my eldest, is casting some live bait deep in the mangos. Fishing is SLOWWWWWWW.

    Dad lands this snook on a fly line I might add. I am feeling pretty good at this point about telling some fish stories at the Tide Table over fish tacos


    Two minutes later, Garrett says I got something big...well when you are ten every salt fish is time I will listen! After 15 minutes he pulls this beast onto the boat, wouldn't let anyone on the boat touch that rod! Twenty eight inch red...she lived to make baby reds after a quick photo opportunity. Did I mention his sister now has a fish on!


    Now for the winner..While Garrett is reeling the beast in, she decides to hit a 32 inch snook up in the mangos. This fish was giving it everything...she did a great job of holding the circle hook in place.


    This is why I own a boat!
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    Awesome job- Looks like a great time
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      That is an awesome story!
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        It does not get any better than fishing with kids.

        Good job Rusty.
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