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planers, Mako's, and FLL

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  • planers, Mako's, and FLL

    Like the title says, planes, trains, and auto..... Wait, planers, Mako's, and Fort Lauderdale. Been trying to get out as much as I can and doing planer trolling north of PE to my usual reef fishing spots just south of Hillsboro inlet. Every trip has produced something to eat. Yes, I eat barracuda. The anchorage area just north of PE has been rather productive. So I'm 5 for 6 catching something on a planer with 5 of those six trips being made this year. Now if only I could get FPL and the Bermuda Chubs to cooperate, I might just put together a great troll and anchor day but no luck so far. Pics are of my last three trips and thankfully I had at least one other person aboard as I gotta say solo planer fishing is a bit of work.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	undefined - Imgur.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.06 MB ID:	556903

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    Nice job. I usually head north out of PE too…. 221B with a Yamaha if you ever see me out there!
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      Thanks slider. Reef fishing has been tough since the water temp went up. It's been hit or miss but mainly miss at my usual spots. About the only thing big and plentiful are the Chubs. And after trying one the last time I went out, I will be keeping a few as I thought they were quite tasty.

      Planer trolling has been even worse. After going 5 of 6 I think the next trips were 2 of 6 or something like that. I've read lots of online posts stating the same so maybe the fish are getting smarter!
      Won't stop me from trying every time I go out though. Will try and troll south in the future as a neighbor of mine caught a 60lb Wahoo around Hallandale a few months back.

      Will definitely be on the lookout for you and your rig. Lots of luck out there!
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        Just an update to this as the last two outings have been productive going south of PE and fishing Sunny Isles to Hallandale. Trolling planers in about 100' and the Tenneco Towers area is highly productive. The number 4 planer is constantly being hit. I'm trolling a 4 and 6 but next time will try a #3 and a #4/6 to see if I can get more bites.

        Went out a couple Sundays ago after the storm went by when the seas were supposed to be 1-2 with 5-10 N winds but ended up being 2-3 with 15-20 N-NE winds and like 2 second period. It was awful but I hadn't been out in quite some time and just wanted to get some fresh fish for my family. The constant N wind was steering the boat east or west as I trolled north if I just let go of the wheel, so it was beyond frustrating working the reels and steering the boat. The trip produced two small kingfish but since I'm not big on smoking, these are the perfect size for me. I find that under 30" they are quite good table fare when fileted. And that's what I did with these.

        This last Friday I got home early from work and headed out to fish til sundown. This time decided to troll south from Hallandale to Haulover Beach and back. Plenty of action although most of it was barracuda. Had two big boys on and two small ones. Kept the first one which was the biggest one at 13.5 lbs and probably 40" and let the others go. Plus had two Kings under 30" which was perfect. This time around the seas were beautiful and there was little to no wind. Plus the skies were overcast so it was easy on the body since there was a lot of action. Planer trolling alone is a lot of work when the fish are biting and I didn't get home all beat up like the previous trip where the washing machine conditions left me exhausted.

        A couple of pics for those that like them. The first pic is the one larger cuda I let go. It was easy to do so as it was only on by the skin of the bonito strip, wasn't even hooked.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20221014_181445.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.75 MB ID:	558983 Click image for larger version  Name:	20221014_171143.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.14 MB ID:	558984 Click image for larger version  Name:	20221014_164417.jpg Views:	0 Size:	987.3 KB ID:	558985
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          nice pictures. makes me want to get out there.
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