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  • Charlotte Harbor advice

    Since we cant rent our condo and no baseball we are headed back down to try our luck on the water again.. Looking for any advice on fishing the waters since this will be our second time out there. Last time we just stayed in the harbor and fishing the 41 bridge, alligator creek reef and concrete reef. I was mainly trying live shrimp with a float. I did catch one on a golden spoon. I read Fishin Franks website which gives good reports but I like as much intel and fishing ideas as i can get. Thanks in advance.

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    I thought Florida Sportsman did a write up last year on Charlotte harbor. IIRC, the east side of the peninsula (Cape Haze-Rotunda-Placida) theres a ledge just off the shore that drops to 20 ish feet, the author seemed to say its productive. I'm east coast so didn't pay too close attention, but see if you find that article.

    Check the local tackle shops too, they're usually pretty helpful.


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      Anchor in the current upstream of structure (bridge or dock pilings). Build a rig similar to below, using 2-3 ft of leader (instead of 15-25), barrel swivel, and a #4-#6 cirlce hook. Sinker goes above the swivel and will need to be sized per the amount of current. Usually 1-3 oz will do the trick, just want to stay on the bottom. Small live pin fish, white bait, and shrimp will all be favorites. Toss it so that the sinker sits near the structure on the sides so the bait will be toward the back. We catch all kinds of stuff this way down there. We stay on Gasparilla Island and fish a lot this way under the old train trussel that comes from the mainland on the north end of the island. Be careful over there though because there are a lot of shallow spots that aren't marked very well. On the south end of the island there is an old phosphate dock that holds a lot of fish too. Fish it the same way and even use larger pin fish. It'll require more weight though because of how strong the current runs through there. There is no telling what you'll catch in either place. We've caught keeper grouper, snapper, snook, reds, cobia, jacks...….. We have also hooked up on tarpon and jew fish there in the past.
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        Thanks for the info i will try to find that article. Wpeavy we are just across the harbor from you in Burnt Store marina. Im very clear on those shallow spots as i found one several years ago when we put in from Englewood headed south on the ICW and found one near Stump Pass...... That costed me a trip to the mechanic and a new head for the motor!