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Tire pressure and wheel bearings

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  • Tire pressure and wheel bearings


    Just a reminder to you to verify your tire pressure is adequate ours was really low on the trailer.

    Also try to remember the last time your bearings were repacked, might be due.

    I remember 10 years ago finding out the importance of good maintenance of my trailer, in short, the hub came off because I failed to maintain my bearings , repack, etc..
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    Last year around May I noticed the tires were cracking on my boat trailer, decided to replace them. The trailer is a Calkins 1972. Had to use a breaker bar to get the nuts off, only to find out the old tire rims were rusted to the hubs! What a pain, had to use rust breaker spray for 3 days, and sludge hammer the rims off besides. Had a look at the bearings, one side came out ok, the other side was frozen in. I destroyed them prying them out. Replaced all the bearings, packed them, put on the new tires. The old system must have sat for years. I am so glad I did not have a blow out on the road!

    Funny, I was out fishing on Lake Sammamish Saturday in 45 dergee temps. Now it is 26 degrees, and snow on the ground!
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