With many folks starting to do their holiday travel this week, getting outside enjoying the weather (more applicable to AZ folks #128578; ) , snowboarding/skiing ensure you inspect your vehicles and/or sports gear.

Add to the list if you wish.

1. Check the condition of tires and air pressure

2. Windshield wipers for when you hit the rain/snow storms

3. Wiper fluid rated for low temps

4. Brake pads, they aren't too difficult to inspect

5. Battery terminals are clean

6. Lights are all operating

7. Extra water and food

8. Led Zeppelin tunes

9. Inspect ski or snowboard bindings

10. Helmets-I found a crack on my bike helmet (replaced last night). I'm going dig out the snowboarding helmet soon and inspect. Didn't realize the bike helmets shouldn't be stored in the garage (high temps).

11. Check fire/CO alarms


Have a good one