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  • New Bilge Pump and Float Switch Help

    I have 1978 23' Mako with a Rule 3500gph non-auto bilge pump. The pump appears to have seized possibly due to 10 months of non-use. It kept blowing the fuse. So I pulled the pump and manually turned the impeller until it loosened up. It worked when i turned it on, but it sounded rough. I also lifted the float to test that out, but the float switch didn't turn the pump on ... so that's gone too. I am replacing them both and have a few questions:

    1) Can i just cut the wires at the pump/switch and reconnect to the existing wires? Or should i get a pump and switch with super long pig tails and re-run them to the power source? i.e./ is there a super safe way to make water proof connections closer to the pump? Shrink sleeve or some other device? I heard about a self-sealing goo. Recommendations?

    2) Ironically the bilge's through hull hose fitting was broken too, so I am redoing the hose and through-hull. The 3500gph pump has a large exit port (1.5") which was reduced to a smaller hose and through-hull. Is that acceptable?

    3) Is it recommended to step down to a 2000gph pump? The 3500gph would shoot water out the side about 10 feet ... like an explosive fire-hose. I'm thinking i don't need the 3700. Thoughts?

    Please and Thank you.

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    you can step down 3500 is kinda large. Im a redundancy guy and i actually have 2 2000's on my 25 but the large pumps left a good amount of water in the hull so i got one of those cheap floatless rule 500s to keep up with nuissance water.

    I have my bilges wires in one of those home depot outdoor junction boxes. its 100% water proof. inside of it, i put a bussbar with heat shrunk ring terminals. I coated the bar with dilectric grease. this way when i need to remove/change a pump/float, i just unscrew a few phillips heads on my busbar. You can use heat shrink marine connectors (walmart sells the 3m ones) but anything subject to the water will eventually corrode.

    you can step down thru hull sizing, anything to get the water out.

    I stay away from fittings that can break, i like whatever water that I want out, to quickly get out.

    Id recommend running a 2,000 gph as a bilge and maybe a 750-1100 as a primary.
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      Check your ground wires thoroughly or just replace them all together. 3500 is a big pump. I run a 2000 and a 750 as my day pump.
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