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  • Safety switch harness

    How many of you use the safety harness / kill switch?

    Been reading about this and it may be worth considering

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    I do occasionally. Esp when by myself. My neighbor was outside the inlet this winter in big seas and was knocked off his boat coming in by a big following wave. He didn't have his kill switch on him but thank God he had a handheld VHF and a lifejacket on. SeaTow had to disable his boat and a neighbor fished him out of the water. Could have been his end if the boat had hit him.
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      If you fish alone, and don't use an Autotether, you're an idiot.

      ..and wear a belt pfd, and carry a handheld, waterproof, floating VHF on your person..

      (unless, of course, you want your spouse to get that early life insurance payment)
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        I installed a kill switch-tether on my 21B when I redid the console.

        1. Cost, it was like a whopping $15 or less at Marine Liquidators

        2. The unit I got, apparently was built 'backwards' so have them check it in store or ask if you can return. By backwards I mean in the 'run' position the switch was closed, grounding the coil packs....

        3. I got the version which is a shrouded toggle switch, so if you do lose the tether or forget it at home,e tc, You CAN still use the boat without a headache. Not that you'd want to.

        My points are that its cheap, easy to install, and offers considerable safety, without the 'my boat wont work' if I have a problem.


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          I agree about the importance of killswitch. My issue if your fishing alone is trying to get back into your boat. Once overboard and hopefully with a PDF if there is any running tide I doubt you will be able to reach your boat much less try to climb back in with heavy seas. Jokingly I told my son if I go overboard gaff me!!!
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            I had made a previous thread in here about the importance of the kill switch lanyard but it must not have made it over during the forum update.
            Here goes.

            For years I never wore my kill switch lanyard, I always just had the clip in place so the engine would run.
            A year ago in Destin I was helping my best friend by repairing some glass damage on a project boat he picked up. After a week of glassing and rigging we took the boat out for a shake down run, and all was well for 20 mins. We then had a catastrophic steering failure at speed causing the boat to make a violent right turn throwing both of us out of the boat. The kill switch was in place but not connected to the driver (my friend). The boat continued in circles at 3/4 throttle narrowly missing me and striking my friend(RIP).

            You just never know what can happen, and if you go in the water you better pray the boat engine dies immediately.

            I now check the switch operation before getting on the water every time and I wear it while moving at any speed above idle.
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