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Mako Placards: Complete Inventory List

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  • Mako Placards: Complete Inventory List

    This is the complete inventory of the Mako placards for sale at Marine Connection Liquidators in Fort Pierce, FL. Their website is Please contact them directly for any orders, NOT the forum admin. This list was compiled by a CM member, not an MCL employee. [8D]

    Accurate as of 2/7/06

    Mako17 : Green, Turquoise

    Mako171: Blue, Turquoise, Green

    Mako181: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Black

    Mako19 : Turquoise, Green

    Mako205: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Black

    Mako22 : Turquoise

    Mako223: Blue, Turquoise, Green

    Mako225: Blue, Turquoise, Green

    Mako232: Turquoise

    Mako241: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Black

    Mako243: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Black

    Mako251: Green, Turquoise

    Mako261: Blue, Turquoise, Green

    Mako262: Green, Black

    Mako263: Blue, Turqoise, Green, Black

    Mako282: Blue, Turquoise

    Mako286: Blue, Green

    Mako293: Blue, Turquoise, Black, Green

    Mini Sizes (Approx 1.5"x 5")

    Mako151, Mako161, Mako181: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green

    \'72 Mako 17, Suzuki 140 FOR SALE[br]\'74 Mako 19B Project FOR SALE[br]Seabird 21 Project FOR SALE[br]San Juan 28 sailboat [br]Wake, VA[br][IMG]

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    Great job on the list mubiks, I have a 201 series Mako that needs the 201 part. I always thought the 201 series was the least popular hull made and this list confirms it, not a single color listed for that model. Anyway onward thru the fog.

    Regards, Jerry aka Zoo Dog
    92 Mako 201[br]92 Yamaha 200[br]Seguin, TX


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      That place is a gold mine, but it is hit or miss on what they have for a specific model Mako.[8D]

      For all you mail order people considering contact them. I have purchased from them before and been very satified.[]

      Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler


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        Note - if your particular model isn't listed, you can always trim one down (eg, a newer 205 becomes an older 20), or do some cut-n-paste with two (eg, for the rare 201 just cited, buy two 205's, and a 171. Lose the 5's, and paste in the 1's from the 171). The possibilities are endless - Maybe Wart could make himself a Mako999...
        NYC & L.I. - 1974 \"Classic\" Mako 20\' - Suzuki 2006 DF150 - Fly & Light Tackle, C&R[br]My boat:[br]Personal website:


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          While he does have a point, these placard sets (2 per set) are $40.

          Also, while their website lists that they ship orders over $100, they'll ship anything that is reasonably easy to drop in a box. The cute blonde at the counter said "we ship these things all the time". []
          \'72 Mako 17, Suzuki 140 FOR SALE[br]\'74 Mako 19B Project FOR SALE[br]Seabird 21 Project FOR SALE[br]San Juan 28 sailboat [br]Wake, VA[br][IMG]


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            The cute blond is the owners daughter. She is however, very cute. Good work on the inventory. Thanks!
            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance