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1979 Mako 17 - seating/will it work for us?

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  • 1979 Mako 17 - seating/will it work for us?

    edit: I meant to introduce myself here and post this elsewhere. Sorry.

    We currently have a 1991 Chris Craft 18 bowrider with a 140 Evinrude. We live an hour and a half from the lake and use it a few (max 6) times a year. We are not particularly in love with that boat, but it allows us to have some fun on the lake without much investment. The family looks like it's going to sell Grandpa's old (1979) Mako 17 with a 2000 115 Evinrude FICHT. My son adores that boat and it would be nice to have something with some sentimental value and keep it in the family. That said, a center console with a smaller engine doesn't really fit our mission, of cruising around the lake, pulling a tube/skier and some boat in camping, but it doesn't seem like it's entirely inappropriate if it had some more seating.

    Does anyone have any thoughts of 1) would this boat work well enough for us and 2) could we add some seating to it - maybe a bench up against the bow?

    One concern is that it's a little slow on the uptake as it is, and we'd be moving it to a higher elevation. I don't know what is has for a prop now, so it's a little hard to say if that could be changed short of swapping in a 135HP motor.

    Any other thoughts are welcomed.

    Thank you!