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Newbie here. '73 Mako 232

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  • Newbie here. '73 Mako 232

    Hello to everyone. Newbie here.

    Im certainly thrilled to have found this website. You guys are the best. In a very short while Ive learned a lot about Makos. All good info. Some quite eye opening but nonetheless good info.

    Just a month ago I purchased 73 Mako 232 with a 98 225hp Rude. I bought it from the original owners son (his dad recently passed away) who had purchased it new in 73 and owned it all his life. It saw its action at his camp down in Grand Isle, LA. Other than over the years adding a radio, speakers and some teak repair, no work has been done on the boat. He gave me a replacement aluminum fuel tank his dad fabricated a few years ago but never installed it. The boat is a little rough around the edges but the boat has good bones. Solid transom, minor stress spider cracks and no soft spots on the deck.

    I dont think I can tackle a full-fledged restoration but I want to make the boat reliable and seaworthy. So Im formulating my plan as to what repairs/changes/upgrades I can do within my limited budget. My goal is to be out on the water next spring.

    I attempted to contact (via this website) Eddie (aka Ringleader) who lives about 20 miles from me. After typing a lengthy message the website said I dont have enough posts yet to authorize me to contact other users.

    Can anyone help me out with that?

    Eddie, you out there?
    Capt Mud Flat[br]\'73 Mako 232[br]Mandeville, LA

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    welcome and congrats on the purchase. some features of the site dont work the best but im sure you can find the help you need. what questions do you have?
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]