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  • New Charleston SC M235

    Hey guys new mako owner here in Charleston, SC. If anyone on here is in the area let me know, always looking for buddy boats for fishing! Anyway I found a creampuff M235 with all solid floors and very minimal problems. Older motor 1986 blackmax 200 rebuilt in 90' with great compression. Up in the air on a repower maybe do a season with the blackmax and wait for a 4 stroke deal to come up. So hello and thanks for all the info posted by everyone that frequents the site.

    On a side note I have searched the site over and over through google and haven't been able to find the answer to this question. Was the only option on a 1986 235cc the 160 gallon tank? seems this was a tweener time for the 235 and may have had some odd options but the owner says everything is original (second owner) and it has an 80 gallon tank.

    any info on this particular year model of 235 would be appreciated! mako lists the 1986 year as only having a 231 if I'm not mistaken.



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    Welcome to CM! You can look on the home page for the FAQ/Manuals section and see more info. Also, the son of the founder of Mako Marine is on here - TrippleBogey and he posts in the History Q&A thread.
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      You likely have an 86 gallon and a 36 gallon tank.
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        awesome thanks guys!!