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  • New guy w a '70 '17

    Glad to see these boats have a great forum. Picked this up from my father in law who replaced it with a newer Grady, it needs some work but he was tired of tinkering with it and wanted to be out on the water more. Overall it's in good shape for being almost 50, plan is to get the motor issues sorted before the end of the season and put her away knowing I can get to the aesthetics and all that in the spring.

    She's got a Johnson/OMC 70 3 cylinder on the back that needs the carbs rebuilt and the fuel delivery gone over, so that is #1. I have a nice list of things already once that is taken care of..

    - New fuel tank, its under the console and not in the floor. Currently has an external tank taking up a lot of space at the stern

    - Relocate the battery into one of the storage areas

    - New bimini top

    - Restore the gel coat, polish and wax

    - Restore the teak

    - Reinstall the bow rail

    - New gauges/dash/steering wheel

    - Lighting/stereo

    - Power trim/tilt?

    - Find a trailer in good shape, this one is ready to go

    I'm not planning on a full resto (yet), just a rehab of sorts. The hull, transom, and deck are super solid but I want to take a good look inside and see if I can see how the stringers look. Before I moved I did the same sort of rehab (complete re-wire, tune up and modern ignition, restored the gel coat, new hardware, etc) to a '69 Chris Craft and really enjoyed the process. Unfortunately I had to sell her (but for a profit!) when I moved and was really happy when this Mako came up.

    I do see that there are no scupper on the boat, but in my reading on here I did see a mention of something in the middle of the hull? There is a hatch towards the stern in this boat that has hull access, and my father in law said he thought about putting a bilge pump in but never did because it never really got water in it. There are two plugs at the stern though, one for the bilge and another at the deck, I assume the deck one can only be opened when you are underway to drain out any water on the deck? My first boat was like that.

    Thanks guys!

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    Nice little boats! Congrats and welcome to the family lol
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      Welcome to CM!
      1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
      1985 Mako 20c - sold
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        Welcome! I just picked up a 17 as well. Good luck with getting her into shape!
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          Welcome. Early 17s are good boats. The 3cyl engines are tough and reliable motors if treated right. Not blindingly fast or anything on a 17 Mako, but sufficient power to have some fun. I grew up with a 17 with a 70s Mercury 115 tower of power on it, that was on the verge of being overpowered(from a parents perspective anyway#128580. The 3cyl engines are also lightweight and put litttle stress on a transom.

          Lots of early Makos on Long Island NY. Ive inspected a bunch before locating mine(73 22 footer) as I was determined to find one with great condition original floors, stringers, and transom.

          Best of luck with yours.