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New Mako owner 2006 234 plumbing help

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  • New Mako owner 2006 234 plumbing help

    Hey guys,

    Been on this site looking around for a long time but now I'm a proud owner of a Mako!

    I need some plumbing help. The previous owner pulled both fish box pumps, order new ones but never installed them, so I got them with the purchase. I went to install them today and can't figure out the plumbing.

    In the pic you can see the power wires and the outlet hose. I can't figure out where the inlet (from fish box to pump) is. Also, any idea what the plastic tube/pipe is sticking up?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Chris Ruane

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    I was able to spend some time on it yesterday and figured it out. It looks like the previous owner capped off the fishbox / livewells. I've never seen a pipe molded into the hull like that before.

    Figured I'd post this just in case anyone else runs into the same issue.
    Chris Ruane