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  • 1979 Mako 236 Prop Help

    Hey guys!

    Picked up a 236 with a diesel Volvo Penta 165hp turbo, 1979.

    The boat has a 17 prop with a 19 pitch. When I water tested it it was really struggling to get up on a plane. I had a seized heat exchanger which I have recently replaced. I am waiting on spring to roll around to water test again. I mention this because the engine was getting too hot to really and try to level the boat out.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what size props they sold with these boats or if anyone has current experience.


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    I have a 1976 23' with a 225HP Mercury outboard.

    I went with a Quiksilver Q4, 17P at the suggestion of Ken @ Propgods. It was a spot-on recommendation!

    He suggested stepping down to a 15P if I couldn't get enough RPMs out of the engine (I can run fully loaded WOT at 5,200 RPMs, so that isn't an issue.

    Based on all that, I wonder if that 19P will be too much for your boat? I'd suggest sending Ken an email and getting his recommendation.

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      tough call, since there are not that many diesel 236s...although I would love to increase that number!

      I could state my config, but it would not matter, because I have a 330hp gasser with a 1.5:1 transmission; a diesel is turning slower, and your gear is not stated, so cannot even are in a different stadium altogether!

      You may want to try to call Frank and Jimmys prop shop in Ft. Lauderdale. They have many decades of knowledge. I also heard that Acme props are very helpful.

      The takeaway being, call a professional prop shop for the best answer to your specific configuration.

      Oh...and post the results! this forum is a great repository of knowledge for all things classic mako!!!
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