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Floor storage in the early 1970's era mako 221

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  • Floor storage in the early 1970's era mako 221

    Does anyone have any thoughts on adding storage compartments, large hatches, coffin boxes, etc. into the floor or the wide open 6" stepped up deck in the bow. On that note does anyone remember what was in theory suppose to be stored in the (2) little hatches on both sides that were in the face of that 6" step-up, best I could come up with was a gaff or maybe a excellent way to stick your rods halfway in and get your rod tips all tangled up.

    If anyone has done a complete rebuild added any of this I would like to see some pictures, maybe have some rough measurements, and whether you think its worth the trouble after the fact.

    I'm planning on replacing the tank anyways, floor already redone once so there is no seams around just the tank. There is a soft spot along the edge of that 6" step up also. So at that point I'm in theory thinking if I cut the whole floor out, dig all the old foam out, this would be the time to take a boat that has basically no storage and add all the extra stuff to a comparable boat to today.

    My other thought is to raise that entire 6" stepped up bow deck, by like another 12"-18", either fully decked in like a flats type boat or with the wrap around bench seat similar to I guess the later 22B, then stick a removable coffin box/cooler in the middle of the benches. Any thoughts or experience?

    Lastly does anyone have any ideas on how I can make these, I would like to do it myself. I don't really want to spend weeks making molds for lids with drain gutters and lips to match, then gel coating, then glassing. In my head I would just assume build them, completely fiberglass them top/bottom/inside/outside, drop them in and then fiberglass them in, then just paint them with a high quality marine paint. The boat is already painted inside and out so. I kind of want to stay away from the standard size all in one rectangular plastic hatches that just get screwed in place. But I don't think I can afford to have a fiberglass guy make all these for me.

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    sounds like you have a 224, or some other 22' model. the 221 does not have the step up, and it was not made until mid 80's. lot's of 224 owners on here who can help. you may want to rename your post to get their attention.
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