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1977 19B build

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  • 1977 19B build

    Newbie here.
    I just bought a new to me 1977 19B.
    Transom is shot
    Console has had 45 years worth of experiments done to it.
    Floor feels like walking on a ride at the state fair.
    She needs a lot of work.
    I just thought I would check in and say hi.
    I will post some pictures along my journey.
    Holiday weekend coming up so I have three days to cut the transom out.
    I am saving my play money for 2 sheets of coosa and I am leaning to Polyester resin over FGCI epoxy.
    I have a few friends that have rebuilt boats so I have some help if I get in a jam.
    Preliminary plan
    convert to 3 piece hull
    no foam in rebuild
    Raise transom
    coosa transom
    coosa stringers raise deck 2 to 3 inches
    new fuel tank
    run plumbing pipes for wiring, fuel tank, live well
    coosa deck
    new flat top cap
    chop up console narrow it from 40 inches to 28 inches wide, improve live well in console.
    Time and money will be my limiting factors for completion of project.
    I am putting a 3 year expectation until I am ready to hang Engine.
    I will mess up a lot along the way and I will cut, grind, and start over. My expectations are excellence.
    I have a skiff to fish out of and most of my friends have boats so I can take my time.
    This will be my retirement boat so I want it to be something I am proud of.

    Click image for larger version

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