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    I just recently bought a 1990 Mako 171 w/ a 1996 Yamaha 115. Love the setup. Amazing how it handles being a "small" boat.

    Anyway, the trailer it's on is in need of repair or replacement. Does anyone have a suggestion for a brand, or, more specifically, a trailer dealer in the Tampa Bay area? I'd like to not have to worry about the trailer...

    Look forward to participating in the forum!

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    I believe ACE Trailers is in that area. I haven't owned one, but my neighbor/fishing buddy had one made for a 23' boat and he was very happy with it. It was a well made aluminum trailer with SS hardware.
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      Thanks for the info!


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        Owens and son in St. Pete

        Gulf Marine in Clearwater usually has good prices on Trailers.


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          Look on Craigslist. I see ones for that size boat all the time for a reasonable price.
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            Owens is top in your area but there are several manufacturers near you and as thejeepguy87 said the smaller trailers are all over CL, especially if you are patient.
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              depends on how long you're going to keep it!

              If she's just a fun project boat, then pick something up off of craigslist and be done or buy a galvanized. If this is going to be your baby for at least 3 years, go for a Rocket Aluminum trailer. Not sure who deals them in St. Pete, but the guy here in Sarasota Bradenton is Joe at Trailer Works.

              They cost a few more $$, but make up the cost in the little details.


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                Continental is a perfect fit for my mako got mine at Gulf Marine of Clearwater. Take a look at pics in my thread.
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                  I ended up finding an Owens and Son's trailer that fit almost perfectly.

                  Actually, Jeff Owens gave me the dimensions of the trailer before I bought it and told me it would fit. I received phenomenal customer service from them.

                  Remember, this is a used trailer I had questions about. He actually has a 80's 21. I would recommend one of their trailers, my boat loads like a dream and tows well.