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QUESTION?? 1994 200 Johnson Ocean Runner

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  • Justin
    Loud out of the water and smoke is totally normal -- the motor exhausts through the prop hub.

    Run some seafoam through the gas if you wish, but at the end of the day if it's running poorly at idle, bogging,'s most likely the carbs needing attention.

    But dont worry about it being loud out of the water.

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  • Tom Dorsam
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  • Tom Dorsam
    started a topic QUESTION?? 1994 200 Johnson Ocean Runner

    QUESTION?? 1994 200 Johnson Ocean Runner

    OK,I need some advice... I have 1994 200 Johnson Ocean Runner - last summer was my first year with her, so this is my first spring starting the engine after being stored for the winter season. It was running a little rough at the end of the season - trouble staring, running rough... So for the first time, I changed the plugs, put the muff's on - and after 4 or 5 times - it started - very rough, but it stayed running.. Again, never done this. It was very loud, I assume this is normal out of water with no engine cover on? After a few minutes I dropped it into neutral and she idled... There was smoke coming out of where the prop is? None from actual engine..... I stored it with about 1/4 tank of gas - I am putting it back in the water soon - is there anything I can put in the gas to help the engine run smoother? Any other help/advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks