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  • New Member 1986 Mako 254

    Hi, I recently bought a 1986 Mako 254. It was a very long trip for me in order to get it. Traveled from Southern California to Houston, TX in 3 days. But it think it was well worth the trip. Sadly, I am a newb so I will be asking lots of questions which I hope can be answered. jeje.

    Anyways, I want to paint the boat and it will be sprayed, so will be using Awlcraft 2000. Still doing research as to how to apply it so any tips are welcomed.

    It is missing the 254 decal plates (or whatever they are called). Where can I get those?

    What is the best way to repair the hinges on the hatches? Should I just replace with the same ones that the boat had originally or upgrade to something?

    Pics to come!

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    Welcome aboard Manny.

    Check out this thread. These placards are beautiful.
    Brian[br]1992 Mako 221[br]1987 Bayliner 17 (sold)[br]1963 Elgin (sold)[br]Pasadena,MD[br][email protected][br]I am a PROUD DEPLORABLE[br]\"Make America Great Again\"[br]


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      Thank you BlueCrab. Will definitely order some of those placards. At least I know what they are called now. []


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        I've made that drive a few times to go fishing out of San Diego. It seems like it takes forever to get out of Texas. I've got a 251- same boat. Mine is a work in progress but keep us updated on yours