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    just want to say hello and will be turning to your brilliant minds for possible help on issue if i may have them .. I just bought a Mako 17 with a 99 Johnson 115hp its a sleek clean boat with aftermarket external fuel tank (behind the seat 12 gallon tank) is it common to do this i don't know. i also seem to be leaking at my drain plug had about 40 gallons of water in the boat while i was out in it and didn't even know it checked the bilge (it was clogged) but its already back in the driveway. put a hose inside of it and put the plug in to see if it was the hull leaking (wasn't) but a trickle out of the drain plug (hand tightened) any suggestions to a new plug. also the scupper flapps are worn taking on water with additional bilge pump for that out thinking about getting the scupper balls, any advise to a new owner would be welcomed. thanks happy boating!

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    We had scupper ball type on our 17 and they just were not watertight. We had to install expanable plugs to keep deck dry. We added splash guards to prevent water from coming over transom when back trolling.
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      Scupper covers:

      Tell Mike that Jeff passed along his information.
      Thanks, Mr. Happy
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