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    The path that life takes you down can be an adventure. I was very lucky as a child to have spent an entire summer in Tavenier Florida (Plantation key). I rode my bmx bike all over the place and was right there at the airport/marina all the time. It made a huge impression on me as a kid. I would watch the boats come and go, and watch interesting fish swmming around in the water.

    I met a new friend that had some sort of an small inflatable with like a 9.9 on the back and we would zoom through the mangroves on what seemed like a daily adventure.

    It was 1979, I was 9, and part of me is still stuck there, lost in time

    Mako was one of many boats that was popular in that marina. There were others, not that it mattered to me at all then, but now I'm starting to lean toward one for my next project.

    I'm thinking a 231 is what I'm after, although a 224 may work. I need the front seating area and the 231 seems to have the better floorplan for myself and my family.

    I'll be after one this fall and will dig in deep as many of you have already done. I'm not scared of a project, and I'm a project completer, not just a project starter... If you know what I mean.

    Anyhow, glad to have found this site! Lots of great info on here for sure

    Jeff Scheule

    Buford Ga

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    Welcome....we all love our Mako's and their history....I also like the 231 over the 224 because of the front horseshoe seating. Take your time and find the right project. From where your located you can go a days journey in about any direction to score your project...and fall is the perfect time of year to score...

    [br]1994 Mako 215 Dual console Optimax 225[br]1978 Mako 19 with 90hp johnson[br]1996 Mako 22[br]1982 Mako 171 Angler 135 Black Max Mercury[br]1987 21b 225 Yamaha[br]1974 23 inboard Gusto gone.[br]1979m21 225johnson \"blue dolphin\" bought off this board and restored [br]with everyone\'s help!!Gone but not Forgotten....[br]1979 20 Mako 115 Suzuki gone[br]1977 19 Mako 115 Johnson gone[br]1976 23 Mako twin 140 Johnsons gone[br]1983 224 with closed transom and bracket[br]And 162 SOB (some other boats)[br]Venice Florida, Traverse city Mi.