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New member looking at a 1987 mako 231

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  • New member looking at a 1987 mako 231

    Hey guys and gals new to forum. I am going this weekend to look at an 87 231. Boat has twin 2007 150 etechs. Anything specific I should look out for? Also just curious what the boat should run with this setup and what this setup is approximately worth.

    Thanks in advance any information would be great.

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    Also I ran a moisture meter on the hull and got the highest reading of 30 on the painted part of the transom. Any concerns with that?


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      I have no clue on your moisture reading. Twin 150 etecs are low 400# range. Maybe 420. That's over 800# hanging on that boat. Way too heavy in my opinion.
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        Yeah twins are really unnecessary on a 231 and are cause for weight concern, I'd agree.

        A single 225 or 250 would be better.
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          Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I was unable to pm Justin. Justin, it looks like you're at Rings Island Marina? If so, that's where I'll be staying this summer. [email protected].

          Hope to see you out there!
          Vincent Lambert