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  • New member '78 Mako 21 questions

    I recently got a 1978 21' Mako for what I felt was a steal. It has an 87 Yamaha 200 on it that was not running and needed the bilge hatch rebuilt and the livewell lid as well (both spongy). Other than that, it was found to be pretty solid and has a nice t-top and on a functional trailer. It had been sitting in the previous owner's yard for 5 years, and I could tell. Full of muck and leaves. Gave it a couple of bleach baths and she actually cleaned up pretty well. I pulled the carbs off and cleaned them pretty well, hooked up some fresh gas in a plastic tank and I'll be darned if this thing did not fire up after about 10 minutes of cranking and choking. Idled for a while and it cleared right up. Oil injection even still works. Took it for a spin and runs out great.

    First question-How big is the fuel tank? I drained what was in there and it was about 50 gallons. The gauge said only half full at the time.

    Second question- Where does the front anchor compartment drain? It got water in it while I was washing and has yet to drain.

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    87 gallons stock tank
    1977 21 [br]Suzuki 200 [br][br]


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      Thanks, more than I thought


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        Congrats on your new boat! The anchor locker doesn't drain. You can drill a passage for the water to drain into one of the front storage compartments. Middle compartment drains underneath the deck to the rear and the sides drain onto the deck. Make sure you epoxy a pvc tube inside your drain passage you created to seal it all up


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          I'd check and see if there is a place that pumps out and and cleans tanks on the inside. You may still have crap in there that will screw up your engine. I'm running nonethanol in mine to avoid tank problems. I have a 79 21 and it's a great boat. Congrats.