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1999 mako 192

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  • 1999 mako 192

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the drain line that runs down the center of the boat does? It has a shut off valve, a 2" line that runs some where up to the front of the boat and is below the water line in the transom? I can;t figure it out.

    Are there any specs for this model mako? 1999???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    james rohn

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    Hello James. Just bought a 1999 myself. 192. Don't have an answer to your question yet because I'm still trying to figure things out about the boat myself. But if I do I will let you know. And And is you'll learn things about the boat I would appreciate it if you shared that with me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help at this time. Anyway nice to meet somebody IN The same boat


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      The drain line probably runs to a forward anchor locker or forward compartment.
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