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  • Bow Roller Anchor System

    I have a restored 23 ft. 1986 model Mako 231 that came with a mounted bow roller anchor bracket but is missing the rollers. I'm considering restoring it however I want to know if other boats with these type of anchoring system is preferable (pros and cons) to just carrying the "fluke" anchor in the bow's floor cabinet as I currently do. I would think an anchor in that would rattle and make a lot of noise in choppy seas for example.

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    Im not sure I have seen the anchor bracket you are talking about. However, I stow my anchor on my 231 in the forward hatch and have no problems with rattling what so ever even in heavy seas or rough wind chop.


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      23'5 here and also store the anchor in the bow compartment with no issues. Only con I could see on my end is having to pull the anchor under the bow rail (if you have one) prior to throwing it.


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        Thanks Quackman and marttimat for your responses, however I need to clarify what answers I'm looking for: I'm considering using the bow roller anchor system instead of carrying it in the forward hatch. The bow has the "rest" or bracket for an anchor but it isn't in working order in that the roller(s) are missing. IF i go to the trouble of repairing it and carrying the anchor there, what other considerations should I make before doing this? I'm going to need to find some compartment with access to carry the chain and anchor line in for example. And does this create a situation where you experience a lot of noise and rattling of the anchor and chain when running on the seas. I hope I've made it more clear here.