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Howdy! Looking at a 1989 221

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  • Howdy! Looking at a 1989 221

    Thanks for letting me join the group. It seems to be quite a bit of knowledge floating around here. I'm headed to go look at a 1989 221 This weekend. It looks to be clean and well taken care of. it has been repowered with a 225 Yamaha 4 stroke. Is there anything i need to check really good besides the transom and fuel tank area. I know with the possibility of buying this old of a boat I could run into a bit of a project. I'm completely OK with that but i want to make sure i can enjoy the boat the rest of this season and maybe next year before i start repairs if needed. Thanks for all the info ahead of time.

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    Welcome to the forum. When I picked up my boat in Oct 2019 it was in what I would consider to be in decent shape for a boat that was not really being used or maintained. I used it for a very short time before I started addressing some of the issues. And then some of the issues I thought I had some time on, became urgent, at least to me.

    So I would say to take into consideration that anything that looks "OK" could be not OK in short order. I can't imagine a boat of the vintage our Mako's are from to be immune from this. I know this is a rather general statement but we sometimes are so enthused when going to go look at a possible purchase, we sometimes ignore the obvious.

    But other than the transom and tank, I would be looking at controls and steering. And of course checking for soft spots on the deck. The wiring job will also say a lot about who was working on the boat.

    Good luck!
    95 232 w/225 Opti Hollywood, FL