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1996 Mako 22

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  • 1996 Mako 22

    I have a question about a 1996 22. It does not show on Makos website that they made a 22 in 96. Did they make a 22 in 1996? Thanks for the help

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    Welcome to the forum. It looks like the last Mako 22 was made in the late 70's. So if your boat was made in 96, it is not a 22 and will have a three digit designation. The first two digits being the app. length of the boat with the last digit the style of the boat.

    If your HIN is legible you might be able to decipher what boat you have by going through the Mako History Q&A sticky thread. It is a very long read but somewhere in the middle of it there is a detailed explanation of the models made throughout the years. And scattered throughout are examples of people getting their HIN deciphered which you can easily apply to your HIN. It took me like two weeks to read the whole thing and I enjoyed every minute of it.
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