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1969 221 fuel tank location

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  • 1969 221 fuel tank location


    I just recently purchased a 1969 221 and not a lot of info online in regards to my boat. Google doesn’t seem to have much info and I came across this forum hoping you guys can help. My fuel gauge isn’t working and I can’t seem to locate the fuel tank. Does anyone seem to have any ideas as to where it would be?

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    Welcome to the forum! According to this search there isn't a 69 221 Mako. And the same site has the first 221 appearing in 1989. Did you mean to write 89 and instead wrote 69?

    If it's 89, the tank should be right below your feet when at the helm. And the inspection cover for the sender is just behind you in the cockpit floor.

    If what you have is a 69, I have no clue.
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      Thank you for the response. Now to be honest I’m not sure it’s a 221 my title says 1969 all of my emblems are 221 but I gues it’s not a 221 would make sense as to why I can’t find any info on that boat.


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        Based off year and the boat in your profile I would say you have a 22. The 221 is a deep V later produced model. The 22 of the 60's & 70's was a modified V & smaller tank. As for tank location I would recommend doing a search in the projects section, it has been awhile, but there have been a few 22 projects.
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          1969 would be a 22. See cross-section of the 22 in the 1971 price schedule I posted. It can't have changed much from 1969 since it was a classic design. Also another year manufacture giveaway is your 1969 would have been assigned a hull number when first registered. My 1972 did not have and was assigned a hull no. when it was first registered in MA.