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    Anyone use or buy a Taylor Made cover? They have a custom for an 89 Mako21B its $700-ish, 5 year warranty.

    National boat cover (California) has one generic that fits over T-top etc for ~$1000 but is Sunbrella 10 year warranty.

    So far first quote locally for custom Sunbrella was almost $2k.

    Any suggestions?

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    I had a quote from local canvas maker to cover everything for $1600
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      Chuck had someone that had a decent product as a decent price. Hopefully he chimes in.
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        Shakes, I will ask Our buddy Rolando where he had his done for his 231 Mako. They made a full cover with zippers covering the t-top too. I believe he got a great deal. I will call him tomorrow
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          I found a deal on a cover through Overton's, that plus 20% off it was hard to say no. We'll see how it works/look and go from there.

          If it lasts 4 years, I'll still be ahead of a custom cover lasting 10 years....


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            Originally posted by Shakes_26

            If it lasts 4 years, I'll still be ahead of a custom cover lasting 10 years....

            That was my thought and I certainly have gotten money worth. Mine is a Taylor Made that I got a deal on buying second hand still in box and never used. It is kind of a pain in the azz to put on solo and not a perfect fit, but it has done its job, lasted longer than expected, and I got for less than $300 [].

            My old boat did have a custom made cover and it too was certainly worth the money; heavier duty, better quality, perfect fit, was over 10 years old when it sold with boat and still in great shape, etc... When/if I have extra play money without higher priorities I would like to eventually go custom again, but for now I am satisfied with my out of the box cover.
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              So I got a 'open box' Taylor Made from Overtons, for a deal that I couldn't pass up. Its meant for a T-top boat with rails, I currently have neither, but will eventually get a top.

              1. The cover was for boats up to 23'-6" iirc, not sure you'd get good coverage on a Mako 23, but theres that,

              2. A bit of a puzzle as there were no instructions so it took a few ?? moments to figure it out.

              3. I'd like more hull coverage but hey it was cheap.

              4. material is lighter than Sunbrella, its the same thing my old motor cover was made from, that was given to me when I bought the boat and I had that for about...3+ years.

              5. Stitching will likely be the fail point, its not doubled over and top stitched.

              Otherwise its good quality and I'm happy with it.

              the lump under the fore deck area is a PVC tube rig I made to take up slack and keep water moving off. I need to go around once more and tighten the straps after its had time to stretch in the sun a bit.


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                You guys don't have to deal with ice or snow! We have a old Fisher canvas cover which takes two to unfold.

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                  X2 on Fisher Canvas for winter cover. Great family owned business . Quality product and a pleasure to do business with.

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